Interim Management Services

Project portfolios expand all the time. Interim management is sometimes your only option. The pressure to deliver projects rises constantly, but good project leadership is hard to find.

You need someone who can quickly take ownership and drive projects and programs towards delivery. It is not always possible to take on a full time employee, due to budget and other constraints. Neither is it the fastest way to get a leader on board. Hiring and employee orientation processes can sometimes take too long to complete. In such cases, the best way out, quite often, is to hire a short term consultant or contractor and set up short term, delivery based goals.

The leader you select should

  • be comfortable with short term assignments
  • have the experience to quickly take ownership of the project
  • be a strong leader able to build teams,
  • quickly gain the trust of the team
  • focus on the goals
  • be able to work in fast paced environments
  • deal with change effectively
  • remain calm under pressure
  • remain focused at all times
  • build trust between the team and the environment outside the team

Applied Rational can fill this gap by setting up, with your managers, a short term, goal based plan with regular checkpoints to monitor progress. Applied Rational is led by Ajesh Sharma, who

  • has decades of leadership within IT
  • is a leader, coach and consultant in the Project / Program Management space
  • has strong management skills for setting short term goals
  • will develop strong, pragmatic plans
  • can microfocus, if need be, to deliver immediate objectives
  • is used to goal based, temporary team and program leadership
  • has the experience in managing globally dispersed multicultural teams
  • has a deep understanding of Waterfall, Iterative, RUP and Agile Scrum methods
  • can do it and do it well.

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