The Practice of Project Management is critical because projects are critical for today’s organizations. Project Management Offices are often the heart of project delivery.

However, these often fail to deliver on the promise of value for a number of reasons.  We build pragmatic solutions that make project teams accountable for quality work, Project Managers for delivery and Sponsors for supportive stewardship

We work with you to understand the underlying business issues and create and tune  project management practices that are

  • Usable
  • Flexible
  • Maintainable
  • Scalable

Practice maturity comes with time. We help you lay down a strong foundation for your project practice.


The Project Management Practice needs a strong foundation.

We assess your current state, build road maps and develop a plan for delivery. Then, we build standards for scheduling, planning, risk management, scope and cost tracking, using methods and tools that align with those standards.

We have many years of experience in using traditional Waterfall, iterative, such as Rational Unified Process ( RUP ) and Agile methods like Scrum.

Ultimately a strong practice is one that has strong standards.


No amount of tools and processes will work if no one is able and / or willing to use them.

Training should go beyond “what” is to be done and “how” it is done to “why it’s important to do it”. It is wasteful and useless to develop processes and tools that people cannot use.

Applied Rational Thought Inc. provides coaching, mentoring and training for PMs in the use of Project Management techniques such as planning and scheduling, risk management, stakeholder engagement etc.

We can also develop and deliver training on your custom processes and standards, using real life examples and stories to illustrate key points.

Applied Rational goes beyond the classroom. We build a strong project practice by

  • Building a support infrastructure for continuous assistance and guidance
  • Developing a shared knowledge repository
  • Providing mentoring and coaching
  • Continuous evangelization