Program Recovery

Sometimes projects start on the road to failure in spite of your best efforts. There could be many reasons, but when you’re faced with a failing project it can be hard to define a plan to bring it back on track.

Applied Rational will perform an independent assessment. An independent eye is sometimes the only way to find a way forward. Very often the project team is tired. Members are too close to the day to day issues. They are unable to see beyond the immediate actions needed.

Sometimes, the members are the cause of the project’s performance. Of course, we find that sponsors and the organization’s systemic problems also cause project failure. It requires an impartial assessment to arrive at the real causes for poor performance.

Only once this assessment is done can root causes be determined. This is no easy task. It requires that the assessor cut through all the data. Sometimes this data is conflicting. Different stakeholders hold divergent views. They have their personal beliefs and their personal objectives may or may not match the objectives of the project. This requires a strong and fair assessor. An independent assessor can really help this process.

After the assessment is complete and root cause identified Applied Rational will develop a goal-oriented, measurable action plan for recovery. This requires the engagement of stakeholders. It may also need a restatement of objectives. Scope, risk and cost parameters may have to be modified.

Applied Rational has special skills in handling all the divergence and conflicts. We bring a pragmatic, realistic approach to the table. We bring calm and control back to the team. We understand stakeholders and their needs.

We build consensus and trust. We focus on end results, building a goal oriented, action based plan that rebuild the team’s faith.

If you have projects that are not performing as expected, give us a call. We can definitely help.